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"As an experienced entrepreneur and business consultant,  I understand the importance of a broad and reliable network.

TBBC provides that network and much much more!"

Robert Craven 
The Directors Centre & Author of 'Customer is King' (foreword by Sir Richard Branson)



“Business and Rugby are just the same. 

There’s no point being predictable.  It's great being involved with The Business Boys’ Club because we all know that if you pick the right wingmen, then exceptional results follow.

Really good times don’t have to be too good to be true. 

Work hard and celebrate your successes – isn’t that what life is all about?”

Tim Stimpson
Commercial Remedies Group and ex England Rugby International



“Why do we seek advice from people who are themselves not financially successful?

How many so-called financial advisers have put their hard-earned cash into projects they recommend? In this economy, you need a new wealth plan and you need someone you can trust to cut through the BS.

I’m a member of TBBC because I can bring my experience of being the UK’s leading wealth coach for savvy investors to the table... don't worry though,  I’m more likely to talk to you about racing my car at some of the best circuits in Europe over a few beers.”

Graham Rowan
Wealth Coach & Renegade Investor






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