A welcome relief from ‘traditional’ networking and the people associated with it. Instead TBBC has introduced me to the right fellas to do business and have fun with. It’s great to be involved.

About The Business Boys Club

The brainchild of businessman Simon Badland, the concept for TBBC was born out of a desire to inject enjoyment and excitement into business networking for those who like to play as hard as they work. (Who said all this had to be boring and involve bad coffee?)

The Business Boys are a crowd of successful men who look out for each other, help solve business problems, make valuable introductions and invest in entrepreneurial initiatives. They are champions at unlocking otherwise closed doors and for digging out valuable contacts whenever and wherever they are needed. There is a genuine camaraderie between the Boys – they’ve seen the best and worst of each other and they consider the money-can’t-buy benefits to be the biggest privilege of membership. TBBC has the same values, respect, and commitment as the more traditional fraternities or brotherhoods - but without the funny handshakes.

The original band of brothers, ‘The Jolly Boys’ formed whilst rubbing shoulders and spilling drinks at various Five O’clock Clubs after work each Friday. As they began to organise outings to a range of sporting events for themselves and their friends, the group grew in notoriety for not only having a good time, but for making things happen. Whatever the job, someone knew someone who could get it done.

With a shared appetite for fun, all sorts of sport, great food and fast cars, The Boys enjoyed skiing trips, golf days, rugby and cricket internationals, track days, horseracing, beer festivals and European motoring escapades. These events became known as Seminars (for day-long) and Conferences (for overnighters).

Now (subject to vetting) you can join The Business Boys Club too.

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