AT LAST! A different way to network...

Do you only tolerate traditional early morning networking because there is no alternative?

WELL NOW THERE IS... TBBC mission is to make business a pleasure, to enjoy our success whilst generating some more with other likeminded businessmen.

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Welcome to The Business Boys Club

The Business Boys' Club is a business networking club for men only, with a strong social element and an entry criteria, to ensure that only higher caliber businessmen are offered membership.

And you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn either… TBBC meetings are held at local pubs & wine bars after work.

"Great fun! A brilliant idea, long overdue and highly recommended"

Patric Cassidy, Cassidy Group

Join The Club

Membership is not granted to any Tom, Dick or Richard Branson. You are invited to make an application for membership.


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From Birmingham to Beaujolais

07 November 2013

Coventry club now has a regular attendance of 15-20 Business Boys. The Birmingham club launches tonight at Hotel du... Read more

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